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Useful Tips

  • How to use a pressure washer to clean wooden decking

    A pressure washer can offer a very efficient means of cleaning your garden decking, but if you don’t use it correctly it also has the potential to ruin the wood. It’s critical to choose an appropriate pressure setting and to keep the wand tip some distance away from the wood while you are using the... Read on
  • Top 10 uses for a pressure washer

    Driveways If you’re looking to get your driveway cleaned, Best at Hire can provide a range of equipment. An electric cold water pressure washer is perfect for the fast and efficient removal of traffic film, oil, grease, grime and moss. These units can be fed from a mains tap, 45 gallon drum or bowser. Decking... Read on
  • Water bowsers and their uses

    Some cleaning tasks require special attention and water at high pressure is guaranteed to tackle the most awkward surfaces.  Pressure washers can be the solution to many tricky jobs, but you may find yourself also in need of water bowser hire to make the most of them. Hiring a water bowser makes many jobs much... Read on
  • Safety tips when using a pressure washer

    When you hire a pressure washer, there are a few basic safety tips which should be followed to help get the best out of your pressure washer and minimise the risk of any injury. Safety Tips Always wear Safety glasses, dust mask and gloves to protect yourself Never point or spray any other person or... Read on
  • Top tips on cleaning your driveway

    Pressure washer hire is an ideal solution to help keep your driveway look nice and clean and stain free. Top tips to keep your driveway free from oil stains and grease. Given their constant use and tendency to quickly look tired and worn, driveways are exposed to a wide range of substances from road dirt... Read on
  • Pressure washer accessories

    Useful information about different types of Pressure washer hire and types of accessories you may require for certain tasks. Pressure washer hire is a cost effective solution for helping with all those tough outdoor cleaning tasks making light work of what could otherwise be both labour and back intensive hard graft. Being both versatile and... Read on