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Water bowsers and their uses

Some cleaning tasks require special attention and water at high pressure is guaranteed to tackle the most awkward surfaces.  Pressure washers can be the solution to many tricky jobs, but you may find yourself also in need of water bowser hire to make the most of them.

Hiring a water bowser makes many jobs much easier, especially when you do not have access to a mains water supply. Needless to say, we offer an excellent range of versatile water bowsers for various tasks and volumes.

We are so much more than just your handiest and well stocked UK tool hire centre. Stocking popular brands such as Kärcher, Demon and Kranzle, we can supply exactly the type of cleansing equipment to suit any operation. Our diverse range of products includes pressure washers and accessories, both petrol-fuelled and electrically operated, as well as water bowser hire. These washers are suitable for many applications; domestic, commercial or industrial.

The very useful electric pressure washer can be used with a water bowser to great effect. This excellent mid-range pressure washer offers maximum cleaning power with the convenience of a wheeled trolley. All its accessories are stowed on board. There are times when you might be faced with really obstinate stains – such as oil spills in your garage, or seepage on your driveway. While these would be beyond the scope of most standard cleaning devices, pressure washers can be used for the fast, efficient removal of traffic film, oil, grease, grime and moss. Because directing water jets can be used for so many applications, these handy tools are just as effective for cleaning patio areas after those occasional summer barbecues.

If you need an industrial pressure washer, combine with a larger water bowser for the efficient and fast removal of traffic film, oil, grease, grime and moss. Units can be fed from mains tap, 45 gallon drum or bowser. The washer is fitted with automatic chemical intake and you can easily vary the pressure by using the controls. The industrial pressure washer can also be used as a patio cleaner.

Date posted: 20th August 2012

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