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Top 10 uses for a pressure washer

If you’re looking to get your driveway cleaned, Best at Hire can provide a range of equipment. An electric cold water pressure washer is perfect for the fast and efficient removal of traffic film, oil, grease, grime and moss. These units can be fed from a mains tap, 45 gallon drum or bowser.

Our hire equipment will tackle straightforward cleaning operations such as keeping decking free of garden grit.

Patios and Porches
Mid-range pressure washers will provide you with all the cleaning power you need to attend to patios, with the convenience of a wheeled trolley. All the accessories are handily stowed on board.

The build-up of mildew can be a recurring problem but our hire products will easily cleanse any areas where this is occurring.

Roofs and guttering
Roofs and guttering get clogged up with unwanted materials over time. Blocked guttering can have serious consequences. Jet wash hire is one way of countering this. We can supply an extra pressure washer hose that will provide hot pressurised water, coupled with an industrial strength degreaser.

Oil and other chemical spillages
This same device can be trained on those thoroughly unpleasant stains, such as oil seepage and other industrial spillages, as well as grease or even ice.

Because all our hire devices deliver water at high pressure, they can be used for many tasks, from industrial usage to domestic. If you require giving window panes a thorough clean, there are many types of pressure washer hire you can consider, from cleaning machines to simple accessories like hoses.

Vehicle Cleaning
If you really want to get the job done, getting into every awkward recess, your best option is hiring a pressure washer. An electric hot water pressure washer is a heavy duty hot pressure washer that is suitable for cleaning vehicles, as well as many industrial applications. Fitted with an on board chemical tank, this apparatus will remove most stains, including oils, spillages, grease and ice.

Exterior Walls
Many types of water bowser hire are more than capable of getting exterior walls and doors looking as good as new.

It’s important to keep doors looking fresh, so considering hiring our water bowser products to give your doors a spring clean that will have them looking factory fresh again.

Date posted: 20th August 2012

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