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Safety tips when using a pressure washer

When you hire a pressure washer, there are a few basic safety tips which should be followed to help get the best out of your pressure washer and minimise the risk of any injury.

Safety Tips

  • Always wear Safety glasses, dust mask and gloves to protect yourself
  • Never point or spray any other person or animal with a pressure washer as these frequently operate at pressures between 1,000 to 5,000 psi and doing so can cause serious injury.
  • Always grip the spray gun with both hands and assume a solid stance as pressure washers are notoriously powerful water jets that can cause loose debris to move when in contact with the water jet.
  • Always use a circuit power breaker when using an electric pressure washer and when spraying always keep clear of electrical devices such as lights and outlets as the water can cause them to damaged or short circuited.
  • Pressure washers frequently use detergent so you should always start the pressure washer at the lowest power setting and gently adjust until you reach the optimum setting for the task at hand.
  • Never use a pressure washer when up a ladder or scaffolding as one could easily slip due to the recoil of the pressure washer or the water which could make the surface slippery.  Use an extension Pole if you need to pressure washer high places.
Date posted: 2nd March 2012

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